Pacific hometown insurance home auto health commercial

Pacific hometown insurance home auto health commercial

Providing the right auto insurance coverage for our customers is our number one priority.

With all the 15 minute quotes out there, we want to make sure we take enough time to explain your coverage and help you select the right coverage level. Our purpose is to provide our clients, friends, and family with the coverage they need at a price that’s competitive. We have access to a lot of companies and get real world feedback from our clients about their claims experiences. This valuable feedback gets passed on to you, giving you the ability to choose the best experience possible.

For an auto insurance quote our process is simple, we take your information, review what you currently have, make recommendations for coverage’s, go out into our vast market of companies hungry for your business, and provide you with a quote that matches your request.

No pressure to buy.

Just a smart, simple, and easy quote for smart people that like to keep it simple.

After you join our family of clients, our goal is to annually review your policy with you, providing you with an up-to-date quote, and check-in to see if there are any discounts we can get for you. We can do this through an in-office visit, over the phone, email, or snail mail, all based on your preference.


Bundle and Save!

Bundling is the new buzz word in the industry, if you have a auto with a home or renters, you can bundle them together and save. We analyze the savings and help you decide if bundling is right for you. Bundling isn’t right for everyone and we will find the right option that works for you.


We hope through this process we exceed your expectation for service and price and hope we get the chance to help your friends, family, and neighbors too!